July 13, 2017

Ads Listener, is the most powerful and valuable Shopify App if you are running Facebook ads.

Ads Listener is a brilliant new Shopify App that will email you when your Facebook ads received a new comment.  Better yet, it emails you the exact comment with a direct link so you can reply to the comment directly through email.

Now, you can respond and engage to your Facebook ad comments in real time and that is extremely powerful!

Why Responding Quickly To Facebook Ad Comments Is Extremely Important For Your eCommerce Business.

In my 10+ years of owning an eCommerce business and running Facebook ads I have decided there are TWO tyes of Facebook comments.  Good comments and Bad comments.  Revolutionary and mind blowing….I know!  Here is what I mean.

Good Comments:  These are the qualifying questions such as size options, color options, shipping times, payment methods and so on.  When these questions are answered in a timely manner it typically results in a sale which equals increased profits and decreased customer acquisition costs.  On the flip side, when these questions are not answered in a timely manner the potential customer develops a poor impression of the business and that typically leads to no sale.  Not answering Good Comments leaves a lot of revenue on the table and increases the average customer acquisition cost.

Bad Comments:  These are the Facebook ad comments that I’m deathly afraid of and the ones keep me up at night!  These are comments that knock your product or service.  The comments that have something negative to say about your business.  The comments that drive people away from your business.  Most of the time they are not even accurate.  I have seen many comments that will say something like “This business is a scam.  I ordered one of their widgets and never received it.”  When we check into it, the person who made the comment has never purchased anything from us and is talking about another company.  However, how many customers did they just scare away?  Worse yet….we just paid hundreds of dollars to show this negative and inaccurate comment to thousands of prospective customers.  Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

Now….with the creation of Ads Listener, you no longer have to worry about how to track down and respond to these comments.  Simply purchase Ads Listener in the Shopify App store and every Facebook Ad comment will be sent directly to your email box, with a direct link to reply, within 10 minutes of the comment being made.  Simple and very powerful!