July 12, 2017

Ads Listener, the ONLY tool that delivers your Facebook ad comments directly to your email…..in real time!

This brand new, AWESOME tool is designed to increase sales and profits while making it easy to manage the social identity of your business.

Every business that is running Facebook ads already knows that they should be actively engaging and responding to Facebook ad comments.  However, there has never been an effective and efficient way to do this.  (Until now that is!)

The challenge is that Facebook has an all-or-nothing switch for comments.  You can either receive ALL comments that are placed on your page, posts and ads or receive NONE of the comments.  Weeding through the hundreds or thousands of daily organic comments to find the ad comments is a nightmare so many businesses push this task to the side.

We faced this same challenge with our eCommerce business.  We know the pain first hand!

We are typically running 10-20 different Facebook ads at any given time.  We spend around $1000 per day on Facebook ads which creates 100-150 daily comments.  There are two types of Facebook ad comments.  Good comments and Bad comments.

Good Comments:  These are the qualifying questions such as size options, color options, shipping times, payment methods and so on.  When these questions are answered in a timely manner it typically results in a sale which equals increased profits and decreased customer acquisition costs.  On the flip side, when these questions are not answered in a timely manner the potential customer develops a poor impression of the business and that typically leads to no sale.  Not answering Good Comments leaves a lot of revenue on the table and increases the average customer acquisition cost.

Bad Comments:  These are the Facebook ad comments that I’m deathly afraid of and the ones keep me up at night!  These are comments that knock your product or service.  The comments that have something negative to say about your business.  The comments that drive people away from your business.  Most of the time they are not even accurate.  I have seen many comments that will say something like “This business is a scam.  I ordered one of their widgets and never received it.”  When we check into it, the person who made the comment has never purchased anything from us and is talking about another company.  However, how many customers did they just scare away?  Worse yet….we just paid hundreds of dollars to show this negative and inaccurate comment to thousands of prospective customers.  Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

For us, the trouble was that our staff was already busy fulfilling and shipping orders, responding to customer service emails and phone calls, handling returns/exchanges and so on.  While we know responding to ad comments was important we just never seemed to have time for it until the end of the day and at that point we already lost potential sales and worse yet….maybe had a couple of the killer BAD comments displayed for most of the day.

As an eCommerce business owner I was so frustrated.  Our staff works very hard and they are some of the best people I have ever had the privilege of knowing and working along side.  The issue was not their ability or work ethic. The issue was that we did not have an effective tool to properly manage Facebook ad comments.

Ads Listener – The Game Changer!

One day I finally had enough and said there has to be a better way.  As I searched high and low for a tool that would help us I quickly discovered nothing existed.  So….I searched around and found a developer who could build a custom tool our business desperately needed.

I must say that we were very blessed to find this particular developer because he built us an awesome tool to monitor our Facebook ad comments.  Of course it did cost us several thousand dollars and about 90 days to create, test and tweak, but in the end we had exactly what we needed and the impact was immediate!

We no longer had to weed through hundreds of comments.  We no longer waited until the end of the day to respond or hide comments.  Instead, we started to receive real time comments emailed to us with a direct link to respond back to the comment.  No more money left on the table, no more bad comments hanging around scaring people away for the whole day.

Sales immediately jumped and our social image quickly became better then ever.  Our customer acquisition cost fell and our daily profits rose dramatically.

Between capturing more sales and not scaring potential customers away our profits nearly doubled.  Yes, I said DOUBLED!  All because we were now properly managing and responding to the Facebook ad comments that were already happening as a result of our ad campaigns.

After using this powerful Facebook ad management tool for 6 months I decided that we need to take this tool to the next phase and offer it to other eCommerce owners.  It made such a positive impact to our business I wanted to help other eCommerce owners who are struggling with the same challenge.

Now, you too can use the Ads Listener for your eCommerce business.  We have created 4 different packages  to fit any size business.  From a small business that runs 2 Facebook ads to an Enterprise level business running hundreds of Facebook ads we have a package for you!

If you are struggling with how to monitor and respond to your Facebook ad comments, please take a closer look at Ads Listener.  I believe you will discover the same positive impact that we did and that is truly a game changer!

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Facebook ad comments sent directly to your email inbox in real time!