October 27, 2017

Facebook is King of Social Media

Facebook has more than 1.7 billion users (and counting). As of writing this blog, the entire population of the earth is around 7 billion (that’s 7,346,235,000, to be exact). Now, let that number sink in for a second.

The sheer power and reach of Facebook cannot be denied and is one of the reasons why the use of the social outlet has gained traction over the past few years, mainly because as human beings, we thrive on social acceptance. But, with almost every startup vying the social network to grow their customer base, only those companies who are at the top of their game will survive. Luckily, Facebook has never been coy about updating its service, and adding new features specifically for those who feel emotionally malnourished or hollow inside. Here are a few tips that can help boost the chances of marketers who are planning to use Facebook as a tool to grow their business.

1.      Don’t Neglect the About Page

Though this is the page businesses use to introduce themselves to the world, you will be surprised as to how many businesses choose to leave this page blank and barren. Using the ‘About’ page of your business is crucial to not only introduce your business as a brand, but to give the reader an idea of what your company stands for. Completing the about page of your business is important mainly because it will often times be the first page your audience will look at after they reach your Facebook business page. While you’re at it, don’t forget to include information such as contact info, social links and your website’s name.

2.      Don’t Be Shy of Reposting Content

While conventional thinking dictates that businesses need to create original content every time they decide to post something on their Facebook business page, it doesn’t have to be always that way. Recycling previous content that performed well can work if the content in line with the message you are looking to send. Also, the content you decide to re-post doesn’t have to be in the same format. You can recycle content that’s purely text by turning it into a SlideShare, an infographic, or a video. But, since the goal here is to save time, you could just go with a previous post that was really insightful and covers a lot of the topics you are thinking of providing information on.

3.      Find Highly Shared Content with BuzzSumo

Highly Shared Facebook Content On BuzzSumo

It would be nice to know which content is performing well, wouldn’t it? BuzzSumo is one such service that can be used in the same way. All the user has to do is type in a specific keyword and get a list of the most shared content that closely relates to that specific keyword. In this way, you will be able to duplicate the results.

4.      Encourage Positive and Negative Reviews

Always encourage your visitors to leave reviews about their experience using your service, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. The positive reviews that are left on your Facebook business page can be used as social proof for those visitors who haven’t decided about using your business and are still on the fence, while the negative reviews can be seen as a positive thing since it provides useful feedback, which can be used to improve your service.

5.      Give Your Visitors a Behind the Scenes Peak

Give Your Facebook Fans A Behind The Scenes Look At Your Business

Much of your marketing efforts will be focused on building a relationship between you and the customer. Using social media offers the perfect opportunity to make that possible. By posting behind-the-scenes happenings and shenanigans, you can give your audience an idea of what life is like for those working in your company, or share some information on the inner workings of your business. By giving your audience behind the scenes access, you can easily make them feel special, which is a powerful tool to deepening your relationship with your customers.

6.      Use a Social Media Management Tool

Consider using a social media management tool to take your efforts to the next level. Social management tools helps businesses and marketers save valuable time while managing their Facebook business profile. A social media management tool can be used to schedule updates, engage with followers of your business and find out areas which need improvement in your business. When choosing a social media management tool, there are many options that you can use to create and publish content on Facebook and view analytics and reporting on how the content you post is doing to engage and convert your audience.

7.      Share via Instagram

Share Your Facebook Posts Via Instagram

If you already have a stellar business account on Instagram, you can integrate it with your Facebook business page and share content and photos straight from Instagram to your Facebook feed. This way, your Instagram fans and Facebook fans can follow you on either platform. Integrating Facebook and Instagram isn’t rocket science and all it takes is a few easy steps to link Instagram to your Facebook page.

8.      Always Respond to Feedback

It’s no surprise that Facebook has become the go-to place for customers to leave their feedback and vent their anger on. Whether the comments are positive or negative, you need to respond to them quickly so you can get marked with a “replies quickly” marker so that your visitors know that you are active on social media, and more importantly, on Facebook. This will encourage them to engage with you more using the platform.

9.      Test Your Facebook Ads

Those businesses that have just started out using Facebook as a marketing tool should feel free to test out content with ads. You can put a few bucks into running a couple of blog posts ranging in subjects with Facebook ads. Then you can find out which ad performs well and continue with the same strategy, tweaking the results along the way. Facebook targets are based on the user’s interest, so you will be able to see what content works with your target audience.

10. Poll Your Audience

Create Facebook Poll Posts

With the new Facebook reactions feature, you can poll your audience on certain topics that are relevant to your service. Businesses can figure out what the popular opinion of their followers is by creating a reaction poll on Facebook where your fans can vote according to the reactions that you have assigned for each of the answers.

11. Tag Accounts

Whether it’s something as simple as admiration for another product or service or a full-blown partnership, don’t forget to tag the accounts that you are referring to. Tagging other accounts helps create a symbiotic relationship, as in, it sends traffic to other accounts. If you are a startup, your main goal will be to get noticed by other businesses or even build a partnership. This is why tagging is so important, because it makes the businesses you’re tagging know you’ve arrived.

12. Use Humor…where Appropriate

Humor is a powerful tool that allows you to attract new audiences. But, the humor you use must be engaging. It should be funny and amusing, and not just to you only. There’s nothing quite like breaking the ice with a funny meme, GIF or an amusing update when it comes to creating an emotional connection with your audience. So, if you haven’t already, use a bit of humor in your Facebook posts so show your audience a lighter side of your brand.

13. Be Active (on Weekends)

The Most Active Days On Facebook

Just because the weekend is normally an off day doesn’t mean your Facebook followers are going to be off Facebook. With the help of Facebook’s scheduling tool, you can post content even on weekends. Remember, when it comes to Facebook marketing, it’s all about being consistent. As a business, spending the weekend unplugged from social media is a bad idea, especially since many people use social media during the weekends. So, go grab em!

14. Boost Engagement with Q&As

Boost Your Facebook Engagement With Q&A Sessions

Another great way of boosting audience engagement levels is by organizing live Q&A sessions with industry leaders. Similar to a webinar, your audience will have an opportunity to spend some time with a person of interest and ask them whatever’s on their mind about various issues pertaining to your niche. You can build hype around these events and use it to bring attention to your Facebook business page.

15. Use Videos

This is a no-brainer. Video on Facebook amount to just 0.9% of the total number of posts, but here’s the kicker. Even the 0.9% posts amount to 7.15% of all the reach on the social media outlet. Pretty impressive! It’s a fact that videos on social media, especially on Facebook is dominating the scene, so if you haven’t started using videos, it’s time you did since the pundits see a huge reach with video content for businesses across the board. While you don’t have to be a pro at creating video for your business, you should at least try to come up with something that’s original and creative.

16. GIFSs

There’s no denying that we are visual beings. Which means, we love GIFs, whether they’re cute or just a funny reaction. GIFs are great for communicating emotions that young people can identify with. So, you should use GIFs in your posts to improve audience engagement.

17. Partner with Influencers in the Industry

It doesn’t hurt to ask for a little help now and then. You can partner with an influencer in your niche to get your brand noticed. Depending on the popularity of the influencer you can either have to pay or offer a free product, so it’s not going to be free. The best way to go about it is to calculate the worth of the exposure you are going to get by partnering with a specific influencer in your industry.

18. Share User-Generated Content

You can let the fans of your business page in on the fun by creating content that incorporates the things or the brands they love. This is a great way to make your audience feel included. Not only will it help your fans feel important, by sharing content they have spent time creating, you can significantly lighten your workload in the process.

19. Create an Informative Infographic

Boost Your Facebook Engagement By Creating Informative Infographics

While collecting data can be a snooze fest at times, the effort pays off in the end. You can use some interesting data to create an informative and fun infographic so that it’s engaging for the audience. Furthermore, creating engaging infographics increases the likelihood of it being shared by your audience.

20. Use the 70-20-10 Rule

It is not unheard of for marketers to lose track of the content they create and post on Facebook. If you are having trouble balancing out the content you produce for Facebook, you can use the 70-20-10 rule. As in, post original content 70% of the time, and share amazing content 20% of the time. You can spend the remaining 10% of the time in self-promotional aspects of your business.

21. Try Your Hand at Emoticons

Emoticons are great at setting the mood or feeling quickly. If you are a business that caters to a younger audience, then the use of emoticons can add more emotion and increase the level of engagement of your audience.

22. Don’t Forget the CTA

Marketers often times make the mistake of posting content on their Facebook business page and missing one crucial detail. Don’t expect your followers to know what you want to accomplish with your Facebook posts. You need to state what you want explicitly and what you would like them to do next. This is accomplished with an effective and to the point call-to-action or CTA. Whether you want them to share the content or comment on it, you need to push your viewers towards an action with a powerful Call to Action which tells them exactly what you expect them to do with the information they have just received.

23. Test Out Different Formats

If you’ve hit a wall in regards to the content you use on Facebook, maybe it’s not the content, but the format that needs to be altered. Since there are many formats that you can experiment with, if you find that the content you are posting on Facebook is getting ignored, it’s time you tried out a new format.

24. Include Attractive Images in Your Posts

Humans are visual beings, so using eye-catching imagery in your social media posts can be a powerful tool to attract and engage your viewers. Besides, data has proven time and time again that content with attractive visuals outperforms content without any visuals.

25. Make Most of Your Time

Learn The Busiest Times Of The Day On Facebook

What this really means for marketers is that you need to post content on Facebook when your fans are online most. Facebook Insights is a great tool that can be used to find out the exact time your audience is most engaged with your content.